About Me

I am an avid book reader and a recovering book-buying addict. I now have a Masters in English, Professional Writing and Rhetoric and maybe someday soon I'll have a job to go along with that. I live with The Librarian in Washington, DC.

I started the original blog several years ago to join the growing book blog community (which I talk about briefly in this post). When I started my masters program it became too much to keep up with, and in order to finish I had to re-prioritize, which sadly meant neglecting my blog. Now that I'm finally done, I want to jump back into the community.

This blog is about sharing my thoughts about the books I read with others and about hearing (or, I suppose, technically, seeing) what other book lovers are reading and thinking about. To that end, I'll post reviews, journals, memes, and general thoughts that hopefully others will read and find useful.

My approach to choosing books, and then rating and reviewing them is simple. I read what piques my interest and I rate and review them honestly. A book does not need to be The Next Great American Novel to rate a 5. It does not need to be the next great classic to warrant praise and attention. I sat through enough graduate English Lit classes to realize there's more to reading and enjoying a book than trying to find perfection within its pages. If I don't like a book, I'll tell you, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be a 5 for someone else.

I used to get review copies from publishers, and maybe I will do that again. But regardless of how I get the books, I am always honest and I do not profit monetarily from this blog and I wouldn't want to. So, whenever possible I pull pictures from and link to GoodReads, I use the summaries from GoodReads when I don't write my own, and I don't use affiliate links.

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  1. Welcome back. I look forward to lots of interesting reviews. You can find me at: http://todayinshenaya.blogspot.com