Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gimme More Books Redux

(I've borrowed this pic from Notorious Spinks who has a much better reason for not blogging than I have.)
So, after basically a couple of years off (and a Master's degree later) I've decided to start up my book blog again (for real this time). Since I stupidly deleted most of the photos off of the previous incarnation of my blog, I've decided to restart completely. But no fear you can still find all my old posts at a slightly different domain name (gimmemorebooks10.blogspot.com).

The blog design will probably change a few times until I settle on something that I like. I've been reading tons of YA books over the last few years, so expect to see a lot of that. Maybe I will even intersperse some thoughts about rhetoric (since I'm, like, official now).

You can also find me on Goodreads and as @WriterGirlLMD on Twitter (this has changed from my previous @gimmemorebooks---just got to be too much to deal with).

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